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Does anyone "blog" these days, LOL? Good riddance. I wish I didn't feel compelled to maintain this archive of posts because it's getting to be a pain with every OS update. In any case, all up to snuff as of Aug 2016, so, a little longer...
A little test: [url=]emerAgency[/url]

Site Work

Portions of the site are down, currently. If you'd like to see work samples, the bast places are:


Wow, March 2014 since my last post. I really need to redo this thing and start using it....or maybe not. I guess social media sites consume what little time is available for what used to end up on the blog. Anyway, it's not that things aren't getting done. I need to add my latest project, Augenblick to the Artworks section. Had a great time in Rio, showing it as part of CAC.4. I just de-installed it as part of the faculty show at The Harn Museum. Greg Ulmer, Thomas Storey, Robert Seaback and myself (EmerAgency) are starting work on an enhanced version of it and I received some grant funding in support of the cause. I'll post more, later. Time to start a new semester here at UF.

In the meantime, here's a link to Augenblick on vimeo: HERE

Fetish Object

It's taken us a while to get there with a small program and not a lot of money, but last week our Red Epic (an upgrade from our Scarlet) arrived. Hopefully within the next year we'll upgrade this to the Dragon, but I never imagined we'd be able to get this far, in any case. The motto at Red is "obsolescence is obsolete" and with them allowing a full value trade-in from our Scarlet, we're able to give students access to, by some measures, the best stills and motion capture system available. Students will use this for experimental digital cinematography and 3D compositing work at the highest fidelity. We just added a nice jib/dolly/slider system that will really help the students cinematically as well as with motion composites, etc.

Fetish object, indeed :-)

CTRB Project

The Florida Research Ensemble, EmerAgency just received notice that we're finalist for a public art project at the new Clinical and Translational Research Building here at UF. We've tentatively titled it Cinegram. Developing previous methods utilized in the Murphy's Well-Being project, we'll create a multi-screen database cinema work that emerges from our interactions with the community and the dynamics of "translation" at work in this place. In the same social-practice vein as before, we'll perform as an alternative consultancy, a Konsult, that brings to bear the voice of Arts and Letters on the issues.

It's been an ubicomp summer


Spent most of this summer break working on the Murphy's Well-Being project. The version we first showed was an interactive table that drove a pair of video projections. That's all fine and dandy for art installations, but who will ever see it? The goal is to develop an online database system, tied to mobile apps that can not only browse the info, but also author content. Citizen journalism, but with an emphasis on developing a "fifth estate" that incorporates art as fundamental to societal well-being. Here's a link to some development notes over on EmerAgency: Ubicomp With The iPhone

back in the groove

...hopefully. Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything! I finally ported this site over to a single drupal installation with several other sites. It was a nightmare upgrading my theme from D6 to D7, but now I can save time maintaining a single install. Next step is to catch up by adding documentation of more recent work.

Murphy's Well-Being

Lots of work, but it's finally installed and I've caught up on most of the things I put off during the process. Murphy's Well-Being is a collaborative project created as part of the Florida Research Ensemble (FRE) under the auspices of the emerAgency. The FRE is a long-running transdisciplinary research group founded by Greg Ulmer. For this project, members included Greg, Barbara Jo Revelle, myself and three of our Art + Technology graduate students, Lu Cao, Sam Lopez, and Zach Castedo. We created a multi-touch table driving a two channel video installation addressing the Cabot/Koppers EPA Superfund site here in Gainesville. The work is installed at the Thomas Center Gallery as part of the Region 4: Transformation Through Imagination exhibition.

Region 4: Transformation through Imagination

A complete description can be found on the project site. The plan is to extend the work by creating an online, downloadable application, among other ideas :-) It was a pretty amazing feat, I think, to go from initial construction in mid-December to installation March 2nd. We used the FabLab to CNC parts for the table, which saved a lot of time, and adapted much of the work done on Game-Space and Open House. The multi-touch setup was tricky as was designing/implementing a circular table that would work with available short-throw projectors. Lu did an outstanding job developing a robust system that would allow our game engine (Unity3d) to talk wirelessly to the video controllers. All in all, I feel really good that we advanced a number of ideas conceptually as well as challenging ourselves technically. Now it's time to catch my breath and recover!

Creativity and Cognition

Patrick and I participated in a panel session and exhibited an installation version of Open House at the Creativity and Cognition conference at The High Museum the weekend of the 4th - 6th. The single-track structure was really nice for a change and despite extremely poor WiFi performance at the museum the piece showed well.


The door frame and a tripod-mounted projector were installed amongst guests on the floor of the atrium, while the hybrid cg/live stream of the exterior of the house was projected on a surface on the second floor, above.

More images can be found in the Open House image gallery: HERE.


I knew it wouldn't slow down! I couldn't say no to getting involved with the Superfund Art Project addressing Gainesville's Cabot/Koppers EPA Superfund site. Fascinating research into the politics and dynamics of site/place here, just a few blocks from home. Myself, Barbara Jo Revelle and Greg Ulmer are brainstorming together and will, either collaboratively or individually develop work that will be exhibited as part of the project. I attended an artist's site visit hosted by Beazer-East last night and posted my thoughts on the E-group blog, here. Will post more as things develop.