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Futures of Digital Studies 2010

The Futures of Digital Studies Conference is set for February 25-27. The Digital Assembly group has done an outstanding job of getting people excited about the event and attracting some excellent submissions. Joselph Tabbi and John Cayley are keynote speakers. Participants and guest speakers include a who's who of digital media: J David Bolter, Fox Harrell, Greg Ulmer, Terry Harpold, Mark Bernstein, Craig Saper, Katherine Hayles, Rita Raley, Arthur Kroker, Nick Montfort, Michael Joyce, Lev Manovich, Janet Murray, and the list goes on and on. I'm excited to moderate a panel with Jim Brown, Fox Harrell, and John Johnston. Patrick has been working hard to put together an exhibition that will take place at Reitz Union Gallery. John Cayley will install Imposition, a real-time networked performance, and Nick Montfort will install a perl poetry generator called ppg256-4 . A number of other people will be exhibiting as well. I'll post pics, etc

zcorp installed

Spent the day Friday with orientation and setup of the ZCorp Z450 in the A2 Fab Lab. Can't wait to start playing with it :-)



game-space documentation video

I placed a video that discusses the latest version of Game-Space on YouTube:

Game-Space YouTube

Digital Art and Culture 2009 [DAC09]

I really enjoyed the Digital Art and Culture conference at UC Irvine. The difficult part was selecting which panel you wanted to attend, since there were so many interesting topics/presentations. The conference theme was "after media: embodiment and context." Katherine Hayles talked about the entwining of humans and technology. The inside (subjectivity) is always already contaminated with the outside (technics). She discussed this as "epigenetic technogenesis" and expressed concern that hyperattention is displacing deep attention in culture. This talk was especially relevant to me with respect to Game-Space and our thoughts concerning the construction of a "hybrid subject." According to Hayles, "alien phenomenology IS human phenomenology."

There were panels on software studies, embodiment, ubiquity, locative media, environment, cognition, sexuality, pedagogy, electronic literature, etc. "Speculative Realism" was definitely an undercurrent! There was a nice exhibition at the Beall Center. I enjoyed Karolina Sobecka and Jim George's, SNIFF. Large crowds often cause problems with interactive projects (opening nights are the worst), but returning later I could better appreciate the work. The sense of a negotiated relationship between ourselves (the viewer) and this "animal" was uncanny.

Here's a copy of our paper:
Game-Space: Unfolding Experiments in Subjectivity

Overall, it was a great time. Look forward to the next one!

Art Basel Miami

Took a group of graduate students down to Art Basel Miami Beach. Lots of pictures HERE. My favorite piece was Mark Leckey's Made in 'Eaven at the Rubell Collection. I love the simulated gallery and the virtual Koons bunny at the center:

Having had one in the past, I have a soft spot for '53 Fords. Especially with embedded redneck videos :-)

53 Ford

Game-Space client is live!

Finally got the Game-Space iPhone client approved and live! Just in time so I can talk about it at DAC!


patrick is finally live

Poor old Patrick. The kid has nothing to do, so he finally got around to getting his website working.....just kidding. Looks great!

i want

With $5K for a LIDAR scanner, you can plug it into Max/MSP/Jitter and get accurate tracking up to 65 feet or so.
Laser Measurement System Object For Max — V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media

fsu visit

It was really enjoyable doing a visiting artists talk at Florida State. I stayed with Owen Mundy, met his colleague Meg Mitchell, and several other faculty. It was really cool to see their new digital fabrication lab, called Formlab. They have some of the same equipment we are getting for our own, A² Fab Lab. After the talk we had some great chili and the following day, did several studio visits with their grads.


web client updated

Just posted a new version of the Game-Space web client online. MUCH IMPROVED!