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Here's some info about a new project I've been working on with Patrick LeMieux. It was shown at University Gallery recently and we where really happy with the results. We have a lot of great ideas about how to develop it in the future. Additional images and info can be found at the website


Installation view at University Gallery, September 2008.


Screenshot of videogame environment.

nice visit

It was great to meet with Nancy Paterson yesterday. She is going to visit our students next semester and give them a nice jolt :-)

Lebbeus Woods: Parable for US

Nice article in the NY Times this morning about Lebbeus Woods that, I think, serves as a parable for the U.S. in general. Teaching "digital media" I am constantly confronted with the conflict between the practical and experimental; people who want to learn "computers" so they can "get a job" and those who want to explore the limits and possibilities of the medium.

Some question the wisdom of his choices. (They certainly haven’t made him a rich man.) But that he now stands virtually alone underscores a disturbing shift in the architectural profession during the past decade or so. By abandoning fantasy for the more pragmatic aspects of building, the profession has lost some of its capacity for self-criticism, not to mention one of its most valuable imaginative tools.

The article does a nice job of recognizing that our cultural creativity is linked to the experimental work of those who are not consumed with the goal of making money. We pay lip service to the lack of creativity from US industry while simultaneously strangling support for art because it doesn't appear to provide a direct, short term's self-defeating.

ISEA - Cloudland

YAPA (Yet another partner exhibition) at ISEA. This one, Cloudland, features artists from New Zealand. Perhaps my favorite piece of the entire series of exhibitions is a work by Alex Monteith called Composition for farmer, 3 dogs and 120 sheep (2006). Mesmerizing video of sheep being herded across screen only to return again in a circular fashion where they began. All along you recognize the circularity and somewhat meaninglessness of the herding activity itself. Sorry for the cell phone quality images...I wasn't expecting to see anything!




Yet another partner exhibition at ISEA. SPEKTR! was 4 guys on a stage with a large screen above. They played the "electromagnetic spectrum" all night long....



ISEA - Experimenta Play++

More images from ISEA. This was a fun little exhibit called Experimenta Play++ at Sculpture Square. The green toadstool had viewports in the side and you could see a holographic projection of a bear that was emoting as if he was extremely frustrated. The glowing blobs had screens that responded to table top position and when you touched the icons on screen various animations would play. You navigate the screen by moving the blogs.




ISEA - National Museum of Singapore

Opening night at the National Museum of Singapore. Several interesting works where spread through the huge exhibition space. Favorites where Gendered Strategies for Loitering by Phadke, Ranade, and Khan. Never before had I considered the perception of women in public spaces. I also enjoyed Eastwood Real Time Strategy Group/G3Labs critique of Web 2.0 in Civilization V. For the most part, however, the work in this show seemed to be lacking in content or else poorly executed. Maybe I'll reconsider after seeing it a few times.




ISEA - Nanyang Technical University

Sunday the day was spent at the Nanyang Technical University School of Art, Design, and Media. Another spectacular facility that exceeds most anything in the US (seems to be a common theme as I attend various conferences). This is where I gave my presentation. In addition to the presentation sessions, Lawrence Lessig gave his keynote which was inspiring.




ISEA - LaSalle College of Art

Wonderful opening of Lucid Fields at LaSalle College of Art. What facilities they have! My favorite work was a piece called Where Am I In The World by Dominik Bastianello. As you adjust the slider on the turntable space and time stand still (on the video at least). There was also a performance that took place with two performers manipulating a series of controllers that visually and acoustically tuned elements on a table before them.



ISEA Singapore Presentation

On July 27th I'll be presenting at ISEA 2008 in Singapore. The title of the presentation is Logical Operations: And ! Or.