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honeypumper at polk museum

The opening for the Polk Museum show is tomorrow night from 6:00 - 8:30PM. I think it's going to be fun. I love this moment captured at 11:39AM today!

Moment 5-29-2008 11.39.59

Check out the website during the opening for a panoply of images. The show runs through the first week of September.

Back from Mexico

Wow, what a great event. Met some really nice people at CAC2 and saw some wonderful work. The pyramids of Teotihuacan were spectacular.


Museum of Modern Art, Toluca, Mexico

The MOMA Toluca hosted a number of digital media works and performances. Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow exhibited Ghost in the Machine, a video analysis and surround sound work that was really cool. I enjoyed Ali Miharbi's Eigenrepresentante which used facial recognition software to make comparisons between the viewer and images of the Mexican congressional representatives. A website by Blanka Earhart called Me, Myself and I commented on Web 2.0s fascination with the self. Semi Ryu installed SAE-Gurimja: Three Shadows, a wii controlled shadow puppet theater. Of course, there were a number of other interesting pieces, but no time to mention them all.


Here is a link to more pictures from this event:

Museo de Arte Moderno, Toluca, Mexico - Computer Art Congress 2008

And see "moments of absence" here: <-- see moments/moma_toluca

Updates to PNN

PNN is back from the dead. I pretty much quit working on it in late 2004 or early 2005 when I started work on Playas. I have updated both the Re-present and Morph clients to work with newer versions of Java and JOGL and have created Windows and Mac applications. Previously Morph ran on GL4Java, the predecessor to JOGL.


Screenshot of Morph application.

Erica Bolin, a DAS student, is working on creating a Processing client for the Re-present XML-RPC server. Today, there are over 850 transcripts of the evening news that are stored in the archive. I have been capturing them since 2003. The goal is to create an open source API that will allow people to create their own applications that re-visualize the news.

upcoming: CAC.2

Honeypumper: Moment of Absence is going to be exhibited at the Computer Art Congress 2008, to be held in Mexico City. This is going to be a great event; look at the list of speakers and participants!

upcoming: isea2008

I'm going to be giving a paper "Logical Operations: And!Or" at the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) in Singapore in July. This will be my second trip to Singapore, so it will be cool to see if/how it has changed. I'm also excited to participate in ISEA in a different context than last time.

beyond boundaries

I had a great time at the IDMAA conference in Philadelphia. Met some really talented artists from across the world who participated in the exhibition at the FUEL Collection show curated by Dena Eber.

honeypumper detail

I posted some documentation photos in my image gallery, here. Also, take a look at the honeypumper website for new, moments of perceived absence!


New website to support Honeypumper: Moment of Absence. CLICK HERE

Honeypumper: Moment of Absence

Here's an installation image of a new piece called Honeypumper: Moment of Absence. It references Joseph Beuys' famous Honeypump in the Workplace and plays with ideas relating to his notion of social sculpture and its potential expression in new media. As the viewer pumps, the image of his presence within the space is diminished. At the moment of his "disappearance" an image is captured and archived on a website, here.




Alright, it's official, my dissertation is complete. It has worked its way through the bowels of the bureaucracy and I am finished! There were a number of people who asked for copies; I just emailed them, but if for some reason I missed anyone, below is a direct download:

Critical Reflection in a Digital Media Artwork - Playas: Homeland Mirage

...okay, back to work...

creativity and cognition '07

Returned from the Creativity and Cognition Conference in Washington D.C. Had a great time, even more-so than expected. I talked about the findings of my research and met a lot of great people working in areas that dovetail with my interest in critical reflection in immersive spaces.


There was an exhibition at the National Academy of Science, curated by Pamela Jennings at Carnegie Mellon. The show, called, SPECULATIVE DATA AND THE CREATIVE IMAGINARY: SHARED VISIONS BETWEEN ART AND TECHNOLOGY, included work by Sheldon Brown, Tiffany Holmes, George Legrady, Marcos Novak, Bill Seaman, Thecla Schiphorst, Sommerer and Mignonneu, Martin Wattenberg, and many others.

We also visited the Corcoran Gallery of Art to see the Modernism exhibition. Amongst a lot of other great works, I was excited to see several of Moholy-Nagy's Telephone Pictures. One of the first works one might call "telematic" (he supposedly phoned instructions for their creation).