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Wow, March 2014 since my last post. I really need to redo this thing and start using it....or maybe not. I guess social media sites consume what little time is available for what used to end up on the blog. Anyway, it's not that things aren't getting done. I need to add my latest project, Augenblick to the Artworks section. Had a great time in Rio, showing it as part of CAC.4. I just de-installed it as part of the faculty show at The Harn Museum. Greg Ulmer, Thomas Storey, Robert Seaback and myself (EmerAgency) are starting work on an enhanced version of it and I received some grant funding in support of the cause. I'll post more, later. Time to start a new semester here at UF.

In the meantime, here's a link to Augenblick on vimeo: HERE