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Murphy's Well-Being

Lots of work, but it's finally installed and I've caught up on most of the things I put off during the process. Murphy's Well-Being is a collaborative project created as part of the Florida Research Ensemble (FRE) under the auspices of the emerAgency. The FRE is a long-running transdisciplinary research group founded by Greg Ulmer. For this project, members included Greg, Barbara Jo Revelle, myself and three of our Art + Technology graduate students, Lu Cao, Sam Lopez, and Zach Castedo. We created a multi-touch table driving a two channel video installation addressing the Cabot/Koppers EPA Superfund site here in Gainesville. The work is installed at the Thomas Center Gallery as part of the Region 4: Transformation Through Imagination exhibition.

Region 4: Transformation through Imagination

A complete description can be found on the project site. The plan is to extend the work by creating an online, downloadable application, among other ideas :-) It was a pretty amazing feat, I think, to go from initial construction in mid-December to installation March 2nd. We used the FabLab to CNC parts for the table, which saved a lot of time, and adapted much of the work done on Game-Space and Open House. The multi-touch setup was tricky as was designing/implementing a circular table that would work with available short-throw projectors. Lu did an outstanding job developing a robust system that would allow our game engine (Unity3d) to talk wirelessly to the video controllers. All in all, I feel really good that we advanced a number of ideas conceptually as well as challenging ourselves technically. Now it's time to catch my breath and recover!