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Fall 2012 - ART 4612/6925

Course Title: 
Digital Media Workshop
Course Date: 
August, 2012 to December, 2012

The workshop this semester will focus on the Game Engine as a method of artistic production. We will NOT be creating "games" as an entertainment form, but will look at how the idea of gaming can interface with culture in a critical way. We will study current artists who produce work in this manner, and we will become familiar with contemporary game studies/theory. Some may choose to create work that uses the tools as a visualization technique, while others may choose to investigate the form as a critical medium. In any case, the goal is to use this form in an experimental fashion that transgresses our current expectations of the videogame. The class is project-based and students will be encouraged to work in small teams. This will compensate for disparate technical proficiencies and allow everyone to contribute to a project idea. Sample project ideas include but are not limited to: installations, networked experiences, spatialized audio, place visualization, info-viz, general research, interactivity experiments, etc. Experience with 3d modeling and/or programming will be beneficial, but not required.