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Fall 2013 - ART 4612/6925

Course Title: 
Experimental Cinematography (DM Workshop)
Course Date: 
August, 2013 to December, 2013

This semester Art + Technology Workshop will be structured as an advanced workshop that is less strictly topical than in the past. Seniors and Graduate students will work independently or in teams on projects engaging the broad topic of experimental cinematography. Most of you have had Programming for Artists at this point (or otherwise know basic programming), have experience with 3D modeling, lighting, texturing and compositing. You also have experience with motion tracking and basic usage of the RED Scarlet Digital Cinema Camera. Some students are interested in the use of video game engines, while others expressed a desire to continue their work with the filmic image. In fact, these forms are converging. The workshop will accommodate your interest in either case. The Game Engine can be thought of as a method of artistic production and image-making forming an alternative cinema. Of course, the medium has its own set of characteristics for which one must account. We will NOT be creating "games" as an entertainment form, but will look at how the idea of gaming can interface with culture in a critical way. We will study current artists who produce work in this manner, and we will become familiar with contemporary game studies/theory. Some may choose to create work that uses the tools as a visualization technique, while others may choose to investigate the form as a critical medium. In any case, the goal is to think about the motion image in an experimental fashion that transgresses our current expectations. The class is project-based and students will be encouraged to work in small teams. This will compensate for disparate technical proficiencies and allow everyone to contribute to a significant work. Sample project ideas include but are not limited to: installations, networked experiences, spatialized audio, place visualization, info-viz, general research, interactivity experiments, and more. Experience with 3d modeling and/or programming can be beneficial, but is not required.