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Fall 2013 - ART 6933

Course Title: 
Technogenesis (A+T Seminar)
Course Date: 
August, 2013 to December, 2013

Technogenesis will take a look at theories of post humanism through the eyes of Bernard Stiegler and to a lesser extent, Katherine Hayles. We will explore the notion that what makes us human is precisely our relationship to technology. How are technics and time related? What does it mean "to care?" Is distributed cognition the formation of a hybrid subject? The course will involve readings, discussion and reflection on the topic. We will critique work which, as we will learn, cannot extricate itself from technics.

"Technology is therefore no mere means. Technology is a way of revealing. If we give heed to this, then another whole realm for the essence of technology will open itself up to us. It is the realm of revealing, i.e., of truth. This prospect strikes us as strange. Indeed, it should do so, should do so as persistently as possible and with so much urgency that we will finally take seriously the simple question of what the name "technology" means. The word stems from the Greek. Technikon means that which belongs to techne. We must observe two things with respect to the meaning of this word. One is that techne is the name not only for the activities and skills of the craftsman, but also for the arts of the mind and the fine arts. Techne belongs to bringing-forth, to poiesis; it is something poietic." -- Heidegger from A Question of Technology