Pieces of WestFAILia


Pieces of WestFAILia is an Augmented Reality work that is part of a larger body called the WestFAILia project. It was created to participate in Kristin Lucas’ Dance with FlARmingos project as part of the Queen’s International Exhibition at the Queens Museum, New York, in 2016.

In this work a VW Westfalia bus, digitized using structure from motion techniques, spins endlessly at the tail of a rainbow tornado. Emitted from the opposite end of the bus is an animated swirl of Ayn Rand heads. The site of the Worlds Fair of 1964, and in particular the location next to the Unisphere was deliberate.

The work could be seen using a mobile phone or tablet application at the site. Include was the statement:

Personal sovereignty in a German box
scattered through the global ecosphere
power exhausts, well-being defrosts


Medium: Augmented Reality
Visual SFM, and Maya, and displayed using Layar Augmented Reality platform.
Dimensions: variable
Collaborators: Kristin Lucas
Dance with flARmingos, Queens International, Queens Museum, New York, New York, April 2016

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