Once upon a time, the United States thought of itself and the future as miraculous. Titusville, Florida was the home of the National Aeronautic Space Administration, Johnson Space Center. Like so much of the United States, it was a victim of the crash of 2008, witnessed here by the demolition of the Miracle City Mall in 2015. With destruction comes the potential for renewal. Hole asks us to consider how we might reclaim a more just vision of the future.

Miracle City Mall demolition party, Titusville, Florida, 2015.


Medium: single-channel digital cinematography
Dimensions: variable, 4K resolution
Collaborators: Thomas Storey

  • mall
  • crowd
  • rocket
  • dressing room
  • credit office
  • chair
  • entrance
  • stalagmite
  • hole
  • demolition
  • space shuttle