Post(e) Pedagogy

not science :: not critique -> heuretics


A socially responsible art pedagogy teaches students how theory and practice, idealism and materialism, combine in the act of making to invent a new logic that transforms existing hierarchies and ideologies. Art practice can no longer afford to remain a succession of stylistic, symbolic, performative gestures serving a neoliberal market. As technological beings, it has never been more important that we engage society, not just culturally, but also materially.

Below are courses I have taught, or am currently teaching, at the University of Florida:

Art Games

Art practice using game engines

Fall 2020
Experimental Cinema

Advanced work with motion imagery

Coming soon
Installation Using Digital Processes

Reactive environments, space and place

NOW - Spring 2021
Digital Art and Animation

3D computer graphics generation and compositing

NOW - Spring 2021
Art + Technology Graduate Seminar

Revolving topics important for graduate students

Fall 2020
Programming for Artists

Visual programming using Java via Processing

Coming soon
Net Art

Art practice engaging hypermedia and network practices

Coming soon

Media Experiments in Art and Technology

Coming soon
TRANS Seminar

Team taught grad seminar

Coming soon

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