Art + Technology

Graduate Seminar:2023

Learning about each other, what we value, and how that might be embodied in art practice.

sample from Grandmother by Holly Herndon

Years taught: 2006 - 2023

  • UF Catalog

    Readings, discussions, and/or studio exploration of various art issues.

  • Course Description

    ART 6933 Art + Technology Graduate Seminar is a revolving topics graduate-level course. Topics in the past have focused on Interface (2006), Relational Aesthetics (2007), Embodiment (2008), Subjectivity (2009), Politics (2010), Critical Utopia (2011), Nothing (2012), Technogenesis (2013), Sociation (2014), Disaster (2015), Whatever (2016), Privilege (2017), Power Failure (2018), Art and Class (2020), and Full Luxury AI (2021).

    For Fall 2023 we will make stuff and talk about it. No topic, no assignments, just show work and critique it.

  • Course Details

    Credits: 3; Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and graduate program adviser.

     Jack Stenner, Ph.D
     Associate Professor
     Office: FAC 304
     Office Hours: Th 11:30am-12:30pm
     Graduate: ART 6933 Area Methods: Rotating Topics
     Class: PHYSICAL - Fine Arts Bldg C Room 302
     Time: T 11:45 AM - 2:45 PM
     Listserv: Class contact will be made UF email and via Discord (evite to be provided).


Over the course of the semester, the goal is to help you develop your art practice in the following ways:



Analyze and evaluate works from an informed point-of-view.



Recognize the role of tools and their impact on meaning.



Engage in meaningful discussion, develop a sense of criticality.



Investigate new techniques and methodologies.



Successfully link concepts, expression, and medium.



Learn to integrate useful suggestions by others.

  • Attendance

    Requirements for class attendance and make-up exams, assignments, and other work in this course are consistent with university policies that can be found at:

  • Grades

    A graduate seminar is a group activity that depends on member participation. You are expected to constructively criticize your peers. Constructive criticism is considered a part of your class participation. You are also expected to show and discuss your work, whether it is complete or not. This too, is part of participation. Over the course of the semester, depending on how it develops, there will likely be assigned readings to which you will be expected to post a written reflection. These will be evaluated for the care with which they approach the subject, but will not be treated as "English" papers.

    Detailed, specific info on grades and grading can be found at:

    Instructor’s evaluation of student’s interest, motivation, attendance, proficiency and overall development or improvement during the semester will be taken into consideration in determining the final course grade. This syllabus is subject to refinement and development throughout the semester based on feedback and class interaction. Policies and grading criteria are absolute and will not change. Any substantial changes will be discussed with the class prior to implementation.

    Grading breakdown:

       Presentation of your work =  40%
       Contribution to critique =  40%
       Attendance =  20%
  • Evaluation

    Students are encouraged to provide feedback on the quality of instruction in this course by completing online evaluations at Evaluations are typically open during the last two or three weeks of the semester, but students will be given specific times when they are open. Summary results of these assessments are available to students at

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  • Materials/Fees

    Required materials will depend on the proposed projects submitted by students. Students will design projects and set budgets based on the goals of the work. See the Schedule of Courses for any attendant fees related to this course.

  • Readings

    Readings will consist of .pdfs and URLs available on the class website. While not required, I highly recommend Atlas of AI by Kate Crawford.

  • Policies

    Be sure to read the University of Florida Policies regarding academic honesty, the honor code, accomodations for students with disabilities, wellness, computer use and acceptable use policy, disruptive behavior, health and safety, email and communications, and late work policy.

  • H.B. 7, 233

    On July 1, 2021 faculty were provided guidance from United Faculty of Florida as to how to respond to Governor Ron DeSantis' "Viewpoint Discrimination" Bill, otherwise known as H.B. 233. Among other things, I will be following their recommendation to reserve the right to record classes I teach. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask and we can discuss it further. Similarly, in response to H.B. 7 "Stop Woke Act", no lesson is intended to espouse, promote, advance, inculcate, or compel a particular feeling, perception, viewpoint or belief.